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Spiritual Resources

Spiritual Resources

Impartations by God are “the ability to give unto others that which God has given us….either sovereignly, or through other anointed vessels (messengers) of God”

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I just want to leave a short testimony of the reading of her book, Spiritual Impartations by God.  And I want to encourage others’ if you haven’t gotten the book, it’s a really good book to get!  I would say she’s right on the top of the list of some of the other author’s that we know in the Christian world.
Evangelist LM Graham

I found this devotional book, Spiritual Impartations by God, by Dr. Donita Lester to be a vital part in starting a daily walk with Jesus.   Each 30-day entry, in the book Spiritual Impartations by God, is anointed.  I’m hopeful that each person gets the book personally and use it as a starting point of their personal relationship with the Lord.

K. Y. Robinson
I just wanted to thank you for your book. I really enjoyed the Spiritual impartations by God that you wrote.  It truly has blessed me.  I initially bought the book to do my daily devotionals.  But the book was so good, I ended up reading through it before the 31 days.
C. Austin

Dr. Donita Lester, thank you for writing this wonderful book Spiritual Impartations By God.  I read this book and it has really blessed my soul. It’s very spiritual and knowledgeable.  I wrote down a lot of things as I was going through this book. I thank God for this book because this is going to be a witnessing tool and I can use this book!

Mother N. Paris

I wanted to offer a testimonial about the book Spiritual Impartations By God. Dr. Lester, I had a chance to read this wonderful book written by you and really found it to be empowering. I would certainly, strongly, recommend this book to anyone who’s looking to reflect upon their relationship with the Lord and also improve their connection to the scripture as well as their faith- base. 

Dr. M. Parisi

The impartations allowed me to confront some important and things that had happened in my life. It was a great help to me to be able to really deal with some situations and it helped me to overcome some things.

Elder K. Sykes- Harper

I wanted to leave a review for Spiritual Impartations by God.  Dr. Lester’s book Spiritual Impartations By God is a practical easy to read 31-day Journal that will lift your spirit and encourage you to drawer closer to God.

L. Baker

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